This website was written for victim and human rights of violent crimes in relation to cold case homicides, missing persons, domestic violence, and human trafficking. These victims and their families deserve closure and they deserve justice.  This website contains information in relation to cold case homicides, missing persons, domestic violence and human trafficking. All information provided on this website has been researched from pubic information, news and magazine articles, peer reviewed articles and journals, government publications and websites and assumed accurate.  Information provided has been researched and referenced and when availed linked back to the original websites and authors. This information is not meant as a replacement or dependence of emergency or life threatening situations. If you are in danger or need immediate assistance please call 911.

The purpose of this website is to inform you through education and safety. If you have any questions or concerns, or if I have not given proper credit or links for materials on this website please send me a message so that I may accurate corrections and give the proper credit to the original authors and publications.

If you are a victim and need legal document preparation help we can fill out documents from self-representation. but, we are not attorneys  cannot give advice Pro Se litigants.  . If you need legal advice or legal consultation for Pro Se services please contact an attorney.

However, if you need any type of advice in relation to our profession please send us an email.