Here and Now

It is not easy to “stop and smell the roses.” We have trained ourselves to always be thinking ahead. But, if you never live and fully enjoy the present, what kind of life are you living?

Donna Smallin


Life Goals – Never Give Up


Never give up on yourself. Your life is important no matter what. You are given only one life. Push yourself daily to move forward and set some life goals.

What are life goals?

Life goals reflect our purpose and our various objectives. Life goals are the driving force in everything we do and want to accomplish. Life goals are our bucket list of everything that we want to do before we reach a certain age or before we die.

Why do we need goals?

Goals are needed in order to stay focused and provide clarity into what we want the most out of life. By setting ourselves goals we avoid wasting time or moving in the opposite direction of what we wish to achieve, which adds responsibility for ourselves and our future. Goals give us power and control to move into the direction we choice. By strategically setting up goals, no dream is too big. For more information or help with you life goals. Contact me.


I Survived 

My survival story is like many others. What we do with our lives after survival is important. Time heals all wounds but scars are forever. You must turn these scars into positive energy. Being positive is part of the healing process. Many times I found myself drowning in pain. I struggled to keep a float. When negative thoughts clouded my mind I replaced them with something positive. Positive energy makes you feel good and builds self esteem. Positive energy does not mean you have to do something for yourself. It can be something as simple as helping an elderly person cross the street. That person thanks you with a warm smile. The smile rubs off on you. For that moment you did something positive that touched your heart. 

Spending time with others is self therapy to healing. Volunteer at shelters, churches, your local humane society or do some community service. Put a smile on someone eleses face or make a difference to a pet who has never experience human affection.  By helping others you are helping yourself. Take a deep breath smile and be positive. 

Find Healing in Sharing

Never be ashamed of yourself because of abuse. You are important and so is your story. The abuse is not your fault. Not only will your story inspire others. You will also inspire yourself. Opening up promotes healing. Start a blog, keep a journal, find a hobby, exercise, spend one day a week promoting yourself and your journey. Become emotional, scream, cry if you need to. Tears are made to cleanse the body. Release your pain.  Then  take a deep breath and smile. 

Facts About The Workplace Domestic Violence

Four to five women are murdered by their husband or boyfriend each day in the United States. There are over two million injuries from intimate partner violence a year. Domestic violence can follow a victim to work spilling over in the workplace which leads to harassment, threatening phone calls, and absentees relating to injury or an employee being less productive. Domestic violence is serious, it is also recognizable and a preventable problem that affects workplace health and safety issues.

Victim Blaming

Victim blaming occurs when the victim of a crime or any wrongful act is held entirely or partially responsible for the harm that befell them.

Victim blaming comes in many forms, It can apply to rape, sexual assault, or any other crime. Victim blaming is not universal it’s a natural psychological reaction to a crime. Not everyone who engages in victim blaming accuses someone of failing to prevent what happened to them. Sometimes hearing about a crime and thinking the victim should have been more careful is victim blaming.

Karma, some people believe that people get “what they deserve”. That we deserve our own outcomes and consequences.

Some people have a hard time believing that the victims of these types of crimes did not contribute to their own victimization.

People believe that they can never be a victim themselves because they know how ti be careful and avoid a crime. If a person truly wants to avoid a crime, then they should never leave your house.

No matter what we believe. We need to accept bad things do happen to good people and people that we believe to be normal sometimes do bad things. The world is not just a place in which we live. The world is filled with both good and evil.

Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence

Pet-owning women entering battered women’s shelters often report that their batterer has injured, maimed, killed, or threatened the family pets for revenge or to psychologically control them. Often the violence towards the animals occurs in the presence of the women and their children. Frequently domestic violence victims whose animals have been abused see the animal cruelty as one more step in a long history of violent behavior directed at them and their children. They may resist entering shelter as they fear leaving their pets behind will put the animals at risk at the hands of their abuser.

Why Do Abusers Batter Animals?

*To demonstrate power and control over the family
*To isolate the victim and children
*To enforce submission
*To perpetuate an environment of fear
*To prevent the victim from leaving or to coerce her to return
*To punish the victim for leaving or showing independence

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