Legal Document Preparation

As a Criminal Justice Research Consultant and Analyst, I have various resources available for conducting legal research including unlimited access to legal research databases and access to most court rules and laws.

I specialize in research and writing in several areas of Criminal Justice.Experienced in multiple professional areas, I obtained an AS Degree in Criminal Psychology and a BS in Criminal Justice Leadership and Management. I have over ten years experience in Real Estate with two of those working as a contract writer/designer and social media writer for an auction. I also write educational safety materials for private organizations. I am currently a member of the Florida Association of Document Preparers. My experience helps me prepare and understand legal principals so that I can provide excellence and professionalism to my clients at all times. My goal is to provide effective, low-cost legal document preparation services for Pro Se.



I have been working hard to update my site. There is so much to add to keep it up to date. I will eventually get there. I have some exciting things going on now that I have graduated college not to mention that I will also move forward in another degree program. I have also joined the Florida Legal Document Preparers. I also have a few articles I am working on that I will be posting soon along with updating and adding material to my page links. So enjoy the ride. And, if you have any questions or concerns please drop me an email.