Control of Appearance

Control became the way of life in my marriage from the way I styles my hair to the clothes I wore. I was not allowed to leave my home without makeup.

I stood in front of my mirror brushing my hair. My hair was long down to the middle of my back. It was the color strawberry and all one length because that is what he wanted.He walks up behind me without saying a word and takes the brush from my hand and forcefully presses the bristles against my scalp until I could feel the pain of needles penetrating. He pulls the brush down hard through my hair. I can feel it coming out by the roots. Tears rolling down my cheek from the pain. He finished forcefully brushing my hair laid the brush on the vanity and walked out.


I Am A Suvivor

I am a survivor of domestic violence. I walked away from my marriage to take my life back. after being blamed for my own abuse. After two years of depression and grieving the heartbreak of a broken marriage and family I picked myself up and decided to attend college when I achieved two degrees both in Criminal Justice studies. One in Criminal Psychology and the other in Leadership and Management. It took me six years to take my life back. However, my accomplishments didn’t come without struggles, homelessness, blood, sweat and tears.

I escaped my violence and you can escape the violence in your life too. Take a deep breath and take the first step in changing your life. Domestic violence is not your fault as a victim.

Join me for encouraging words, advice and stories about other victims. I am a survivor of domestic violence and you can be too.

“Every 15 seconds a women is beaten in this country. For as many as four million women this battering is so severe they require medical or police intervention. But for nearly 4000 women each year the abuse ends. They die”.