Cold Case Backlog

Almost done with my undergraduate degree. I have been so busy I have not had much time to write.

I’ll carry on. Ordered a book about old case research. Pretty interesting book to say the least. A lot of material to read though mostly about Jane Doe’s. It’s sad because these people lived and died. And, no one knows their name. Some have vanished and been forgotten because of the cold case backlog from lack of evidence. Families are denied justice in the death of their loved ones and their case gets colder by the day. There is a lot of frustration for both law enforcement and families.

I have visited cemeteries and seen unmarked graves from earlier times and thought and wondered who the person was and  how they died? Were they alone or forgotten?  Or were they part of some tragedy or violent crime? What is their story?It would be terrible to die alone and then be forgotten or be a Jane or Doe who suffered violently and no one solve your case.

Vanishing without a trace. Some of these people may still be alive. Held some where against their will. These people may become victims of human trafficking  These victims may also be dead and no trace of any remains ever found.Someone may have come in contact with them and thought they recognized them but does not want to get involved for fear of their safety. Their disappearance continues to remain a mystery. Years later their remains are found and they then become Jane or John Doe. And, because of lack of evidence or witnesses they become part of the cold case backlog.

If you ever witness or think you see something unusual report it to authorities no matter how big or small. You can ask to remain anonymous and you may actually save a life or give John or Jane Doe back their identity.